Why don’t I talk about props?

I was at the theater today and one of the folks I’m working with commented on my website. He asked why it doesn’t say anything about props.

Truly? Because unless I’m building something interesting, the job is deadly boring. My posts would consist of, “Today I went shopping for paper, a box and a copy of King Lear.” At best. More likely they would say, “Today I went shopping and didn’t find anything on my list.”

The other reason is that when I’m really in full swing, as I’m about to be this week, I don’t have time to post at all. So it doesn’t say anything about the props ’cause I just don’t have time. Like, I’m heading into tech week starting tomorrow and I won’t surface again for another week.

And the last reason is that I don’t self-identify as a props master. I am one, but I identify as a puppeteer and more recently as an SF writer. The props thing feels like just a dayjob.

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1 thought on “Why don’t I talk about props?”

  1. Most people (the vast majority of people) don’t have day job even half as interesting as a prop master.

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