Making the dead dog

I’m starting by using a real skull for the dog head. I’d planned on just getting a resin dog palette, but lo! There’s Skulls Unlimited has a giant collection of dog skulls. Now, I’m not going to be using the Chihuahua skull in this picture, but had to share it with you. Does that not

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A new building gig

I just picked up a gig doing props for the play Bad Jazz. It’s a play about actors and the lines between real life and stage. Imagine if Quentin Tarantino did Noises Off. My prop list includes things like teapot, coffee mugs, notebooks, dead dog, two matching penises…. What? It’s not a trend.

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Farewell to Wayne

Wayne headed back to Portland today. He rivals Rob in his ability to defer to others, so when I told him I could take him to the Blue Lagoon today, he said, “Oh, that’s okay. I don’t really want to go.” I couldn’t shake him from this. So, Rob ran him out to the airport

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Mountain of Pizza

Today, Þor and I were trapped in the pizza cave. In this scene, Ziggy gets trapped in his room by the sheer volume of pizza (don’t ask where they came from) which meant that the set and props department made a mountain of pizza (foam) that they lay over an elevated set. Þor and I

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Stunt drummer

Today was Ziggy’s closeup and I realized that one of the guys in props was a drummer. So, I asked if he would be willing to do Ziggy’s hands for that shot. It was soooo much better. He was willing to put up with the pain and was able to hit the actual beats instead

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Tough times with lollipops

I feel like I’ve been beaten. Þor and I just did a scene with Ziggy that went really poorly. It was hard because we had to cover a wide distance with live hands and handle many, many props. I kept getting caught showing my head or a sleeve, it was very frustrating and physically draining.

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