Dish, spoon and crows

Lately, my schedule has been keeping time with Rob’s which means that we’re often up until 2 a.m.  The advantage to this is that when he goes to bed, I can continue recording in the quietest time.  The downside is when I have to be up early the next morning.  Like today. I had a […]

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The slaughtered lamb

Here are the much delayed and often promised pictures of the finish work on the lamb. As you might remember, I had to make significant changes to the taxidermy form. Once that was finished, I began covering the lamb with lambskin. I looked for a good fake fur version, but could only find them in

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Making the lamb

To begin, I need to take the rods of the taxidermy lamb form that I’ve ordered. These are intended to make it easy to mount the lamb on a board, but I won’t be doing anything like that. It will be laying in the back seat of a car, partially in a bag. Next, I

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Busy but random

Today was one of those days where I got a lot done but nothing that was actually on the to-do list. For instance, I needed disappearing ink, but the magic store was out.  But, they were close to another store, where I was able to find the tree I needed for a different show. The

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The moose head is gone!

You might recall that we’ve had a moose head in our apartment since last June. While it makes for amusing conversation, the thing took up massive amounts of space in our bedroom.  We wrapped the antlers in foam because of the number of times I stumbled into it getting out of bed at night. It

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I need In-n-Out bags

Here’s an odd request. I need In-n-Out bags for a show I’m doing props on. I asked their corporate offices, but they said that they couldn’t help me. I’m hoping some of you might be able to. If you live near one of these burger joints and are willing to mail me some bags (I’ll

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Twitters for 12-20-08

11:23 Heading out to drop off props and then brave the crowds to do some shopping. NOT looking forward to the shopping part. # 15:34 If my computer won’t boot into windows or linux, that’s not good, right? # 15:57 I’m at the post office with the rest of North America. # 20:00 Successfully returned

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Remaking a helmet

Sometimes when dealing with props I can’t find the real thing or even a replica of it, so I just have to make it. In this case, we needed a Pictish helmet as one of the apparitions in MacBeth. The halloween stores had loads of helmets, but were strangely lacking in anything Pictish. Spartan on

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Making a woodcock

Originally, I had planned on ordering a woodcock for the play and calling it good. I spent an amused day calling around asking for flying mount woodcocks before learning that they are migratory birds and illegal to sell. Great. So, that brought me to buying a grouse pelt and woodcock taxidermy parts. Now I ask

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Shiny new permit

Getting a long-arms permit in NYC feels a bit like time-travel. You walk into this building built in 1948, which is in beautiful condition. A guard directs you down the stairs to a sub-lobby, which is all gleaming granite and with lightwells letting in the sun. Then you go down another set of stairs and

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