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So one of my favorite things on twitter is to tweet exactly what I’m doing, without giving any context. Usually this is something that I just said at work. So… for the people who have forgotten that I’m a puppeteer, here are a sampling of things said at work.

What we said.

  1. Do you know if the blood is still in the mini-fridge?
  2. It’s good in there. Warm, soft… padded rod.
  3. Can I stick my hand in him and feel him?
  4. Stop! Don’t go past the bunnies. Oh god. Whatever you do, don’t pass the bunnies.
  5. I’m about to put the ass of the dog through the sewing machine.

What it really means:

  1. Stage blood has a lot of sugar in it so we keep it in the fridge to discourage bugs.
  2. I’d just installed a rod in a puppet and the padding was still warm from the hot glue.
  3. My colleague wanted to test a puppet.
  4. I was shopping for a taxidermied animal and stumbled on a page that had pre-taxidermy animals. It was all fine until a series of horrific pictures after a set of very cute bunnies.
  5. Exactly what it sounds like, except the dog is made of cloth.
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6 thoughts on “Said at work”

  1. Those are excellent. I’ll add one from Down Under:

    “Oh, crap, Rygel’s had another stroke.”

    (Translation: “Oh, crap, one of the servos just failed.”)

      1. What? No Stunt-Elmo?! OMG

        The Creature Shop worked up a Stunt-Rygel for us once it became apparent that the animatronics really “came to life” onscreen when the actors actually TOUCHED ’em. (Or chopped their arms off, or tossed ’em off buildings…)

  2. From my line of work:

    1) “Hey Tom, what you got?”
    “Big bag of poo.”
    “What kind of poo?”
    “Human poo.”

    2) Hey, I haven’t found any heads yet. Anybody else finding any heads?

    3) No, no. It only looked like there was one body, but in fact, the burial was made up of six different individuals.

    What it really meant.

    Exactly what it says.
    Ah, the joys of archaeology…

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