Clearing the cellar

Rob has a collection of wine. The trouble with driving across the country in the summer is that the wine would bake in the moving truck. So, today we had guests over to help empty the cellar. The highlight of the evening, for me was his Domain Du Mas Blanc from Banyuls from 1977. (Rob …

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Vinyl begone

This fellow came by today to look at removing the linoleum from the rooms on our second floor. It’s one of those things that I’ve been wanting to have done since day one of owning this house. The guy we are doing the house swap with has offered to refinish the floors, so we’re doing …

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Holy Folding Lamp in a Book!

This Book Of Lights By Takeshi Ishiguro ought to be easy to pack. Right? Huh? It’s a justifiable expense, since we’re moving and all. Right? Right? It’s not like I want it just because it folds or anything.

Moving to NYC

Rob and I start the cross-country drive to NY on June 20th and plan to arrive on June 30th.

Safe arrival in Paradise

Our flight out was utterly uneventful. We both napped some. Rob read the NY Times. I wrote and got about 2000 words in. And then we waited for our baggage to arrive. The staff seemed to be engaged in a slow motion Laurel and Hardy film, which anywhere else would have involved much running around …

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Weta Holics: Weta Originals Rayguns –

Look at these shiny, shiny Rayguns. The Rayguns: Dr. Grordborts Infallible Aether Oscillators, are a line of immensely dangerous yet simple to operate wave oscillation weapons. Meticulously built to the exacting standards and plans of Dr. Grordbort, these weapons, bespangled in fine detail and with various (most likely quite dangerous) moving parts are the perfect …

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Trained Monkeys

So, after getting back from building monkeys, I had to go online to try to cancel an eFax service. It’s not that I didn’t like the service, but it certainly wasn’t the best online fax service in the world. Plus, I’d already completed the project that I had intially purchased the service for. Here is …

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Christina has arrived

Fellow Codexian, Christina Crooks has arrived to stay with us for the next three months. While she’s here, she’ll be shopping for a house while we pack up ours. Yay! Moving boxes, galore!

Storage locker

We began moving things down to the storage locker today. It feels strange to be dismantling the house like this. It’s also fairly disorienting. I’m certain that we’ll get to New York and I’ll open a box and wonder, “Why did I bring this?” Our next wave of stuff goes out tomorrow. I’ve also become …

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House moving

I nearly forgot to tell you that the house moved! Thank heavens. My parents must be so relieved.

Carts and pools

Today I was mostly moving carts around. A little bit of seconding with rods, but nothing terribly exciting. After work, most of us went to the pool and soaked in hot pots or swam. When we drove up to it, great billowing clouds of steam rolled out of the swimming area. The walk from the …

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The Birds

I was sitting in the apartment upstairs at Woodthrush Woods and happily typing away, when the sound of birds became demanding. I turned to look out the window behind the sofa and saw a scene out of Hitchcock. The sky and earth had darkened with birds. They covered the grass like a living sea of …

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