More baseboards

We’ve been moving furniture back into place today as I finish each section of wall. It has been very satisfying until I hit the section behind the refrigerator. Granted, no one will see this area, but there are not right angles anywhere. Nothing is straight, so a lot of my cuts will have to be …

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Settling in

We went down to the Celsi’s last night to visit. We watched the Decline of the American Empire, which was good. Sadly, about half-way through it I discovered that I was jet-lagged and falling asleep. The real highlight was seeing their daughter’s room, which Eve has just redone. It’s beautiful and makes me want to …

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In a hole.

I’ve spent the morning in a hole in the ground. Actually, it was a hole in a stage behind a podium. I was the live hands for the Mayor again today, and in order for him to stand behind the podium they have to put us in a hole in the stage which is about …

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Weather report

The weather has been really blustery and rangeing from rain to snow. Today I can see blue sky if I look straight up, but the clouds are moving so quickly that I don’t know how long it will last.

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