Vinyl begone

Wood and LinoleumThis fellow came by today to look at removing the linoleum from the rooms on our second floor. It’s one of those things that I’ve been wanting to have done since day one of owning this house. The guy we are doing the house swap with has offered to refinish the floors, so we’re doing the demolition end of it.

Anyway, while the floor fellow was here, I was saying that I didn’t think it was glued down very well, but that I would check and peel some up to see what it was like, since that would affect the price. Um… so I did the whole room. I guess we won’t be hiring him after all, assuming, of course, that the other rooms were as easy to pull up as this one.

The wood underneath is in really good shape, although will definitely need to be refinished to get the glue remnants off. There are still a couple of small places where the linoleum stuck, but even those come up fairly easily. I should finish the last of that room tomorrow.

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