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We began moving things down to the storage locker today. It feels strange to be dismantling the house like this. It’s also fairly disorienting. I’m certain that we’ll get to New York and I’ll open a box and wonder, “Why did I bring this?” Our next wave of stuff goes out tomorrow.

I’ve also become quite taken with Freecycle, which is like Craig’s list, except it’s all free stuff. If you have something that no one would buy, but you can’t bring yourself to landfill it, then you can post a message on Freecycle and someone will want it. It’s wonderful. You can also post a message if you’re looking for an item too. They seem to have local chapters all over the world. I highly recommend it. Beats the heck out of consigning more perfectly good stuff to the dump.

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5 thoughts on “Storage locker”

  1. What a great idea! I have stored the local Freecycle info in’favorite place’for future use. Thank you Mary Robinette,clever girl.

  2. I gave away a Lexmark printer that cost more in ink cartridgs than the printer was worth. It was very difficult to refill the cartridges and I said so in my description, but the person taking it said that they were adept at refilling them so away it went without going to the landfill immediately.
    I also got an HP printer from someone who had outgrown it. It is slow, but you can refill the ink cartridges.
    Both via Freecycle.

  3. Orderer, It is not a sure thing that the person picking up your old clothing isn’t going to take it to a charity and claim the tax deduction for themself. It is no surprise that the chairities sell clothing you donate. Most of the really good stuff you donate is not that usefull to someone who needs charity. This is not to bad mouth FreeCycle, but to voice an opinion that it is OK for charities to sell things you donate.
    Sorry Mary for going off on a tangent.

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