Clearing the cellar

Some of Rob's wineRob has a collection of wine. The trouble with driving across the country in the summer is that the wine would bake in the moving truck. So, today we had guests over to help empty the cellar. The highlight of the evening, for me was his Domain Du Mas Blanc from Banyuls from 1977. (Rob points out that this wine celebrates the 30th anniversary of Star Wars.) It was surprisingly vibrant.

What’s also surprising is that we still have wine left over. Fortunately, folks are coming to help us move out of the house on Tuesday.

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4 thoughts on “Clearing the cellar”

  1. And of building a wine cellar in our unairconditioned NYC apartment? I will trust Rob’s judgement on his wines. As he says, “They are made to be consumed.” What better way to do that than as a send-off party?

  2. Just sorry we weren’t there to ‘help’ solve this over stock problem for you and your wine geek spouse.

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