Snaggle-tooth cat

The cats are whining because we’ve taken the food bowls up for the night. We don’t normally do this but Harriet is going in to the vet tomorrow to have a tooth removed. Since we got her she has had the worst breath of any cat I’ve ever known.  They just get hard food but …

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Cozy cat is cozy

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks hiding out under the covers is a good plan for the day.

Nothing to write home about

Dad emailed me today to ask if I were dead, because I hadn’t blogged in awhile.  Well, actually, he just wanted to know if I were really busy.  The truth is that while I am busy, I’m working on stuff that’s not terribly interesting to write about. Shall I blog about laundry? Or, the phpBB …

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Cats! Sleeping together!

As you can see, the wee beasties are starting to get along a little better.  It’s not total love, but at least they aren’t fleeing from each other. From Harriet and Marlowe

Cold and cats

Yesterday was the first coldish day since we moved in and I’m impressed by how quickly the apartment loses all its heat through the large, gorgeous and single-glazed windows. The desk which I am so happy to have next to a window is, in fact, quite chilly. There are storm window frames outside and some …

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