My cats and the standing desk. A minor problem.

I’ve recently moved to a standing desk, which I accomplished by placing several reams of paper under my laptop. So far, I think I like it. I need to raise the monitor some, but otherwise, I find it quite comfie.

The biggest problem comes from my chair. I have a very small office area, so just pushed the chair back and stand in front of it. Sometimes I do want to sit, so I want it around. It’s just that my cats… they’ve realized that they can sit in it and get my attention.

So I’ll be working away at a story, and suddenly I’m being goosed by a cat. It’s… disconcerting.

Edited to add: I see by the comments that I’ve left the wrong impression. This isn’t a case of me sitting in a chair occupied by the cats. No, no. This is the cats sitting in the chair, and actively goosing me with their little noggins.

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8 thoughts on “My cats and the standing desk. A minor problem.”

  1. No, that’s not the kind of thing a cat learns. Cats learn where you keep the can opener, That you might choose, of your own volition, to sit on a chair currently filled by the cat? That’s just wrong . Eventually, the cat believes, you will learn to not do that.

  2. I see by the comments that I’ve left the wrong impression. I’m not sitting on the cats. They are reaching forward with their little noggins and driving them forcefully into the closest thing they can reach, which is my posterior.

  3. I tried the standing desk thing a couple months back. Instead of it being the active creative engine I was hoping for… well, I found myself avoiding my desk. Began doing all my writing on the couch or – dare I admit it? – in bed. This was not entirely a good outcome.

    So I’ve just lowered my desk back to the normal position. I did turn it around. Now I have my bookshelves at my back instead of staring me in the face. That could be a good thing. Now they’re pursuing me instead of marching directly at me…

    1. I’d been warned that there was about a one week break-in period while ones body adjusted. I noticed myself doing some avoidance because my feet were sore so I put down a mat and broke out the shoes I used to wear when waitressing. That seems to have helped.

      The biggest thing it helps with is that I’m no longer willing to stand around goofing off on the internet for hours.

      By the way, “Pursued by Books” is the name of my next band.

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