Eve in Reykjavik

Our friend Eve is in town from Portland for the next couple of days. I, of course, am trapped in the studio today. We’re also discovering the downside of Rob having a job. He can’t go gallivant around town with her. Ah well, I suppose at least this way I’m not missing out on all …

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Snow and Dr. Jonsson

Tonight we went out to dinner with one of Rob´s cousin´s friends, Dr. Jonsson. It turns out he´s an opera buff and into wine so he and Rob had loads to talk about. As we sat at the restaurant, it began to snow. It´s really lovely. Rob and I walked home in it. In downtown …

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Better today

My throat is still sore, but I think the fever broke during the night. Rob has been very sweet and kept me well supplied with fluids. Dad keeps asking me if I feel better. I think I do, but yesterday was so miserable because of the drive from North Carolina that it’s hard to tell …

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Sore throat

In a delightful turn, I kept waking up during the night with a sore throat. My nephew is getting over strep throat, while I think it unlikely that I developed overnight strep it does seem likely that I’m contagious. Which means that my plans to visit friends during the day before heading back are fairly …

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I’ve stopped for coffee and quiched and–behold!–internet at a little shop in Asheville en route to visit family in Raleigh. While here, I’ve had to advise the barista on the merits of cellphones. Why she lacks local friends to whom she can ask these questions, I don’t know.

He followed me home…

Rob walked to the library today, and made a new friend. As he was walking, this dog came bounding across the road to meet him. Traffic screeched to a halt, trying to avoid hitting the dog, so Rob grabbed him by the collar to keep him from bounding back across the road. The dog evidentally …

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Much driving

Rob and I drove my brother to the Atlanta airport yesterday. We visited friends, stayed at George and Julie’s (my cousins) and then drove back today. In other news, I’ve spent most of my time on the computer today trying to put the finishing touches on Shimmer.

Harvest Party

Every year Bethel Heights hosts a harvest party for their crew and friends. It’s a delightful evening with good food and lots of fine wine. One of the highlights every year comes from Jamie Tombaugh, who tells a story. It’s a different story every year. He used to memorize a new one while working in …

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Pizza and a Movie Night

Rob and I went down to visit our friends David and Eve this evening for one of our traditional pizza and movie nights. The offering this evening was Girl with a Pearl Earring, which I had missed when it was in the theater. I loved it. Not only is it beautifully filmed, the story is …

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New website

To celebrate my pro-writing sale I decided that I was justified in starting a writing website. So I registered a domain name I’ve been pasting entries in for the past week, keeping close to the same journal in two places. Eventually, I’ll probably move over completely to the other website, but for now you …

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Lazy Town Sweepstakes

My friend Jodi is on tour with the Lazy Town live show. Apparently Nick Jr. is running a promotional contest so you can get the show in your town. Naturally, Jodi wants to come to Portland. To enter, one must have children between the ages of one and eight. Strangely, Rob and I don’t qualify. …

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Rob and I went to Laurelhurst Park for an open air screening of Casablanca. We packed a picnic dinner and listened to our friend Mick Doherty and his group the Cascadia String Quartet, as they played before the movie. Lovely evening.

Finished Body Language

Finally. I finished writing Body Language at 2:00 a.m. I spent every spare moment today editing it and I’ve just posted it for critique. We’ll see what folks say. Meanwhile, back at the camp, my kids–the good ones–really focused today and finished the set. I really didn’t think it was going to happen this time. …

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Unexpected Kindnesses

I had a rough day at camp today. One of the little girls is selfish, obnoxious, manipulative and I don’t like her. The kids made stick horses, which turned out really cute. At the end of class I told them to put them all at one end of the room while we joined the rest …

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Writing & baking fiend

The last two days I’ve been writing and baking. Well, actually the baking only happened today, but I made a Breton butter cake and a batch of Almond macaroons. Here are the first thirteen lines of the story I wrote today. It’s only 500 words, and I’d be happy to send anyone the rest if …

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