Unexpected Kindnesses

I had a rough day at camp today. One of the little girls is selfish, obnoxious, manipulative and I don’t like her. The kids made stick horses, which turned out really cute. At the end of class I told them to put them all at one end of the room while we joined the rest […]

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Writing & baking fiend

The last two days I’ve been writing and baking. Well, actually the baking only happened today, but I made a Breton butter cake and a batch of Almond macaroons. Here are the first thirteen lines of the story I wrote today. It’s only 500 words, and I’d be happy to send anyone the rest if

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Turning the brain off

Yesterday, I turned my brain off and just relaxed. Peter and family are away in the Hamptons so I have their entire rambling 1905 Craftsman home to myself. It’s very peaceful. Today we’ve had thunderstorms, which I have missed. The first serious clap of thunder made me jump; I’d forgotten how loud it can be.

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I came to NYC for an audition today. It was a bit crazy. Imagine a room of thirty puppeteers, most of whom know each other, and then realize that there are only three parts available. So there was this curious mix of cameraderie and cut-throat craziness. They cut the group after about four hours, and

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Garden Party

Rob and I went across the street to Matt and Marietta’s for a garden party. Marietta started a community garden on the vacant lot that she and Matt own. (We have two rows there.)And they invited all the friends and neighbors to come over for potluck and music.

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Staten Island

I went to Staten Island for the first time, in order to have lunch with some writer friends. We had a great time and talked for several hours, and then Dan offered to give me a lift to Brooklyn, since it would save me some time. Or rather, it would have, if his car had

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Puppet Heap

I spent the day hanging out shooting the breeze with Ron Binion, an old puppeteer friend of mine. We were meeting for lunch and then wound up talking shop for hours. Afterwards, I met up with Sue B. who is heading to Italy. Now I’m back in Katonah.

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New York

I arrived in NYC with no problems. I had dinner with my friend Sue, and am now sitting in a coffee shop enjoying the internet while waiting for Peter to get out of his show. I’m staying up in Katonah at Peter and Marlene’s place for the next couple of nights. So far, the trip

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Rob and I are both lucky enough to have mothers who would be our friends even if they weren’t related to us. So you’d think, with such wonderful ladies, that we would have raised to know when Mother’s Day is. But that’s how good and modest they are, not seeking false praise or– Okay, so

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Friends and family

Rob and I went to brunch with our friend MaryClaire, and had great conversation ranging through politics to food to fashion. We like her a lot. After she took off, I worked on an layout for David C. for a bit he’s doing for the Portland Monthly. It was fairly easy and a ice break

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Champagne Tasting

We had a lovely gathering here with fifteen friends for a champagne tasting. Rob used to do these before we met, but hadn’t done one in years. It was a lovely afternoon. I will post a photo or two later, with the menu.

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Delivering the Fish Part II

Installation went very well. The guys the University sent with the ladder were great and very friendly. They got my pulleys up, and the lines installed. The fish goes up and down like a dream. The fellow who hired me is ecstatic. The show is Saturday night, I’ll try to get some good pictures. For

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Our dear friend, Eve, came over today and studied the wall. She pronounced that I was right and Burlap was horrible–this, despite the fact that she had liked the paint chip too–and further expounded to say that it was “baby-puke brown.” Lovely for kitchen walls as I’m sure you can imagine. However! We rearranged the

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Carp and Diva

I am building a giant carp for a new opera called Carp and Diva. I haven’t heard it yet, but the libretto is as silly as the title sounds. Since some people have asked what it is that I do, exactly, for a living, I thought I would show a bit of process. I start

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