Vín og skel

Steve and I went to Vín og skel for lunch today. I’d been hearing about this restaurant from friends and am pleased to report that the food is very good. I ordered the two course lunch special. Turnip soup, that even my meat-and-potatoes brother liked. Then redfish served over a couscous pilaf, with a delightful …

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Not a journal.

Found this on Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Not a journal. 13 – In 20 Epics there is some rain. We sold all the copies we had at Readercon. It was an epic job of salespersonship by interns, friends, us, others. Finding the epically designed books was a long sordid tale of hidden icons, misdirection, and …

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Save Talebones!

Clearly, working with Shimmer, I’m a big believer in the power of small press magazines. So when I see Talebones, one of the most respected small press magazines put out a cry for help, I’m going to post about it. I saw this over at Nightshade Books. Dear Family, Friends, Peers, Acquaintances: Talebones has been …

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Happy Fourth of July!

To celebrate, I thought I would share some pictures of my neighborhood back home. A friend took these a few days ago and sent them to me, I think as a way to tempt me back to Portland, OR. This is the cooperative organic grocery store that is three doors from our house. I miss …

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Elemental, my dear Watson

After Steve, Lee and I met up, we went to the Long Acre pub to meet Stel Pavlou. We had a nice lunch and were joined by Stel’s friend James. Afterwards, we all followed Steve to Forbidden Planet for the booksigning of Elemental I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. I …

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Emily’s birthday

This is my friend Emily. She’s an amazing puppeteer and a good friend. Today is her birthday, hopefully we’ll go out to celebrate tonight

Happy Mother’s Day!

A very happy Mother’s day to both our mothers. I’ll have to admit that, being in Iceland, this day snuck up on me because they don’t celebrate it on the same day. We were leaving to go snorkeling and one of the American’s said, “Happy Mother’s Day!” to her mom. My heart sank. Rob and …

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Things on set have been very busy and while Dean was here I didn’t want to update my journal in the evenings. We are between company right now, although I just heard that our friend Wayne will be coming to visit us soon and that Rob’s folks will follow after that. I’m looking forward to …

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No trash

For the first time in what feels like weeks, I have not manipulated any trash. I did live hands today for several scenes and am fairly tired. Rob’s college roomate and good friend, Dean, is out visiting us. He’s a lot of fun. We went to the rotating restaurant on the top of the Pearl. …

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Skálafell I in Suðursveit

This should be our last night on the road. Skálafell I in Suðursveit We’ll finally get to see the glacial lagoon that I keep missing. Twice I’ve taken friends or family to the glacier, but haven’t left early enough in the day to make it to the glacial lagoon.

Friends in Akureyri

Monday and Tuesday nights are the two that I’m most likely to have internet access because we’re staying with Tóti, our puppet wrangler. With luck we’ll also visit my friend Bernd who lives just outside of Akureyri.


This kind of day is the hardest of all. Thor and I came in at 9:00 today because his character was in a scene at the beginning of the day. The other puppeteers were on standby and arrived at 11:00, but we still hadn’t shot a puppet scene yet. In fact, none of us were …

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