Fab Brunch

Our friend, Fabulous Girl, came up to our neck of the woods so we could go out for brunch. After we finished a tour of the apartment, we decided to stay in. I’m generally happier cooking than going out, so that worked well for me.

I made a beet green and black olive tapénade frittata, topped with a sour cream and gin sauce; sautéed green peppers and potatoes; fruit from -e-‘s garden in Portland. I also had a some croissants leftover from work, yesterday.

The closest coffeeshop to the Puppet Kitchen is the The Bagel Zone. The guys there are totally nice. I needed to research some ways to decrease the distance of a cable pull, and they were starting to close down shop. Not only did he let me hang out while he cleaned, he gave me a big bag of pastries to take home.

It was great to have Fabulous Girl here. She is a fine reminder of the many reasons that moving to NYC was a good idea.

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5 thoughts on “Fab Brunch”

  1. I enjoy your posts on local food, Mary! It makes me want to go and discover local places more. If by some random chance you and Rob ever visit England, and more specifically Brighton, I’ll be sure to buy you both brunch here, at Bill’s, where I ate this morning! Seems a similar kind of place.

  2. Thanks to you both for another day of fabulous food and hospitality. I am determined to lure you to Sarabeth’s at some point … but it will never be as good as anything you make.

  3. Let’s take it one brunch at a time – don’t make me choose between you and Sarabeth …

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