What’s your New Year’s day tradition?

When Rob and I woke up this morning, our health had taken a swing for the worse. Yes, indeed. My niece gave us the gift that keeps on giving.

So I called the friends that were supposed to come over and regretfully asked them to stay away. We’ve been huddled under the covers with a Veronica Mars marathon pretty much all day. I still made black-eyed peas and collards though because I’m just not willing to chance going into the New Year without them.

It’s funny, even in Portland, at the grocery store the black-eye peas and the collards were always prominently displayed and you could tell that there’d been a run on them. Here in NYC, not so much. People looked at me like I’m a crazy person for saying that you have to have them on New Year’s day.

So how about you? Do you have a New Year’s day tradition?

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9 thoughts on “What’s your New Year’s day tradition?”

  1. Yup, I have multiple NY traditions–but they all pertain to Rosh Hashana. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Today? No real traditions. In fact, I rarely stay up until midnight on NYE.

    I did post to my blog a lot today, but that’s not really a tradition–I post a lot when I think a lot.

  2. We have a weird thing of saying “rabbit rabbit” first thing in the morning on the first day of every month. On New years day it is that much more “important”. The peas and greens thing was never part of my tradition in NY. Come to think of it,
    I first heard of it (and then as a Southern thing), after moving to Portland.

  3. Black-eyed peas, pork ribs, and sauerkraut (all for luck), served up with mashed potatoes. Collard greens are a new one on me, though, that I’ll have to consider adding. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. We do the black-eyed peas. It’s the only time of the year that we eat them. Hubby’s the only one in the family that actually likes them.

  5. This year we drank Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout with our black eyed peas and greens. We started to open a gift bottle of wine, but it was Sutter Home White Merlot and we just couldn’t bring ourselves to start the new year with that.

  6. So many different traditions. I wonder where some of them come from.

    Laura, I’ll post the recipe for my grandmother’s Pear Relish, which makes black-eyed peas into something fantastic.

  7. Mimosas for breakfast, followed by a sticky bun. Although the mimosas appear most every holiday morning, so perhaps not NYE specific …

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