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Cat Rambo had this on her site and, you know, I’ve longed for just this sort of thing.

I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know relatively well. (Some I know too well. You know who you are.) I read your journals, or we have something else in common and we chat occasionally. Some of you I hardly know at all. Perhaps you lurk, for whatever reason. But you friended me and I thank you for your interest in my words.

But here’s a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: “Ah, there’s so and so…they listen in rapture to the love-music of she-turnips.” I might feel compelled to mock your musical taste, but I’ll certainly remember you.

I’d love it if every single person who friended me would do this. Yes, even you people who I know really well. Then post this in your own journal and see what gems of knowledge appear.

So, tell me about yourself.

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31 thoughts on “Tell me about yourself”

  1. I want my own personal time machine so I can live in London during the Victorian era, the 1920’s (I may take a boat across the channel and visit the continent and New York), and the 1970’s. (I’m totally bummed I missed out on the 1970’s punk scene. I suspect my parents are not bummed at all.)

  2. I know of you because Scalzi won’t stop talking about how cool you are. Also, I love the audio version of Rude Mechanicals. So I friended you on LiveJournal and have yet to be disappointed.

    I have an interesting obsession with colors and crayons. I love to buy boxes of crayons. I don’t use them, though. I like to take them out and put them together in pretty combinations. It is also slightly dangerous to leave me unattended in the produce section of the grocery store for the same reason, especially when the most colourful, robust fruits are in season.

  3. Coffee affects me about six and a half times worse than it affects the average casual-coffee-drinking person. If I drink a cappucino at 8:00 PM, I will fail to find sleep until 4:00 AM and wake up at 7:00 AM with my legs twitching. Also, during the time in which I’m awake, I find it impossible to keep quiet and not gesticulate wildly to articulate my rambling and repetitive points.

    Coffee. It’s the new booze.

  4. I always feel amazed that someone as cool as you comes over to sit near us at the KGB readings.

    I frequently think “what is the worst, most shocking and offensive, yet darkly humorous twist I can put on this situation?” to things people take seriously. Like wearing hobbit costumes to the Mel Gibson Jesus movie, and calling out the wrong (LOTR) lines at inappropriate moments.

  5. What a cool idea! Ok, um…


    I’m really bad at talking about myself. Which I guess is why I prefer to talk about things like quantum physics and the cultural evolution of the dragon.

  6. Keen! What a great thing to wake up to in the morning. I am fascinated.

    Maggie: When you get your time machine, I want to go on trips with you.

    Charles: Brilliant!

    Julia: Crayons? Did you see this post about carved crayons?

    Jen: Now I’m dying to see you in sandals.

    Amal: I have a caffeine intolerance too, coupled with the fact that I like coffee.

    Josh: You flatterer. I sometimes feel the imp prick at me too.

    Nancy: See! I had no idea you liked to talk about quantum physics. That wasn’t so hard, now, was it.

    David: Since I hadn’t discovered the last man I will count that as useful.

    Brian: That is very cool and a little jealous-making.

    -d-: A 1952 MG-TD! ::swoon::

  7. Well, it;s my birthday. One more eyar and I’m in the wasteland known as the 40’s.

    I almost got beaten up by Mark Walberg, the actor, in Boston on Newbury Street.

    I long for Texas Burgers.

    I dislike odd numbers.

    Oh, and rhyme pays!

  8. I can speak French. Sort of. This comes from starting off school in the public school system in Ontario, then half-assedly studying the language again in American high school, and three-quarters-assedly in college.

    And it was very nice to meet you for two seconds at World Fantasy! Au revoir!

  9. Heh. We met in a bar, you and I, and you told me the lovely story about your name and how people rarely get it right. And I told you about changing my name (to this one).

    Did I mention I knit robots?

  10. My favorite band in my teens was Gentle Giant; many years later, I got to sing one of their songs in front of three members of the band.

    Since I started acting regularly less than 3 years ago, I’ve played a medieval Scottish warrior, a 1950s defense attorney, a Mayan shaman, a 19th century Russian merchant family’s heir, a British landscape architect, a Greek slave, and a singing, dancing elementary school principal. I think I’m being typecast.

    I recently indexed Harlan Ellison’s The Glass Teat and The Other Glass Teat, due out in a special one-volume edition from Charnel House, then voice-acted a “chrono-mage” named Harlan for the newest episode of Afterhell, still in post-production.

    I’ve been recording Sherlock Holmes, Jack London, and O. Henry stories for a Web site for children.

    I’m writing a book about my grandmother’s childhood and days as a college student and young mother in frontier Fairbanks, Alaska circa 1906-1930.

    My past books have received endorsements from Jack Lemmon, Tom Robbins, former LA Times film critic Charles Champlin and ACLU president Nadine Strossen.

  11. One of my favorite things to do is secretly take notes all year round when friends or family comment about items they’d like to have. I think we do it more than we realize. A fun way to play “spy”, with a satisfactory ending when gifts are given.

    Also, I watch far too much YouTube. Today it was Judy Garland singing “You Made Me Love You”, then later The Breeders singing “Saints”. I love both equally.

  12. Krista here.
    We met at ReaderCon, courtesy of Eric James Stone. Was at Odyssey this last summer, and in addition to writing crazy slippery stories, also work as an actor. Not as cool as a puppeteer, of course, but we do what we can. 🙂
    Just thought I’d say hello!
    I’m a delinquent LJer…but occasionally check the waves. And every time I stop by your Journal I have a grand time.

    What else? I love avocados. That’s the truth.
    Hope all is well.

  13. I can’t remember if I found your journal through a puppetry link, a short story link, a common friend, or photos of the laptop mod. (I think I received a dozen emails about that one.)

    I tend to lurk in comment sections, unless I’ve conversed with the poster elsewhere.

    I like colors. All of them, in the right place and time.

  14. Well, you know things about me already, but you may not know that I coined the Internet abbreviation “ILTPAM”* (which isn’t used much, but does show up on some Internet slang sites, like this one).

    *I Like The Part About Me.

  15. Michael: No kidding. Any scenes were it’s easy to spot you?

    Chang: Happy Birthday!

    Craig: How in the world did that happen?

    Nayad: It was nice meeting you too!

    Kai: Knit robots? There must be photos, yes?

    David: Sounds like you’ve been busy.

    Kristen: I do the same sort of spying thing.

    Krista: Hello! Good to see you here. Mmm… Avocados….

    Suzanne: Regardless of how you found me, I’m glad you are here and not lurking today. I have a weakness for swatch books.

    Evan: You are a funny man.

    Mary: I’m embarrassed to admit I have no idea what a fish bones toe ring would look like. It sounds painful somehow.

    I am loving this.

  16. Just found your page here. One look at your laptop typewriter mod (coupled with our email exchanges), and I had to Friend you.

    One thing about me? Hm… I’ll go with something off-beat as well. I still think the original Battlestar Galactica is far superior to the current incarnation.

  17. About James Carville: I was walking home and paused in Dupont Circle in front of a restaurant to adjust my iPod. Someone bumped into me, almost knocking me over. I turned around and noticed this monstrously tall gentleman steadying me. He said, in a deep Cajun drawl, “I’m ever so sorry.” And I realized it was Mr. Carville.

  18. Sean: You are my new best friend. The original Battlestar Galactica rocked. I still have the Battlestar Galactica storybook.

    Mary: Oh! I had pictured a real fishbone and couldn’t imagine that being comfie. This makes much more sense.

    Kai: Ooo. #5 is very cool. Thank you for showing me.

    Craig: Wow! That’s a great celebrity spotting story.

  19. I’m Chris and we don’t quite manage to get the same trains, or know each other in time to hang out in Iceland when we’re both there!

    My love for dinosaurs is so great, it’s not even subject to entropy.

    (just kidding, everything’s subject to entropy)

  20. Clearly! I’m hanging in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego right now. Where are you Mary? Geez! I thought you’d be here. Haha.

    I’ll see you in Calgary, I expect. Must book that this morning so I don’t end up half a mile down the road this time.

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