Yet more sayings from work

What we say.

  1. I think we’re going to have to rip their spines out.
  2. Want to try on my beaver?
  3. Man. That’s a seriously long rod
  4. The chicken lady isn’t safe around other puppets
  5. What am I supposed to do with this extra head?
  6. The beaver was too tight for him
  7. Look! Spanking the monkey works best.
  8. I can’t find his other leg
  9. I’ve done a lot of dogs.
  10. I need a better vice

What it really means.

  1. The monkeys for Serendib need to have the spring steel in their spines replaced.
  2. I made a beaver costume and was selling it
  3. A rod puppet with a six foot rod.
  4. A marionette was infested by bugs
  5. I was selling off stuff from my workshop and had a couple of plaster heads
  6. Same beaver costume
  7. We were trying to come up with the best movement for the Serendib monkey puppets and, indeed, spanking the monkey did it.
  8. After we moved, one of the puppets I brought with me was missing a leg.
  9. We were talking about roles, and I can generate almost a whole page of dog roles for my resume
  10. While bending some wire, I was coveting a colleague’s very hefty desk vice, mine is a small pony vice which is just barely adequate for work.
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