I’m furminating.

Cherie Priest recommended the furminator on her blog a while back. We’ve been dealing with our two very sheddy cats and keep considering shaving them.

So today, I went out and bought a furminator. My heavens. The thing works exactly as promised. Plus you get the added bonus of getting to say, “Careful, or I’ll furminate you,” or “I furminated Marlowe earlier,” or “Not just now, I’m furminating.”

I mean… really. How can you not love that.

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17 thoughts on “I’m furminating.”

  1. Oh, don’t you just love it? It saves my life right about now, since I happen to be owned by one very fluffy longhaired rabbit who leaves grey tumbleweeds everywhere. She’s also the one responsible for the need to actually clean the ceiling fan blades every month. Furminating keeps things down to a dull roar, definitely. I loaned mine to my parents (who have two DMH cats that were once mine and then emphatically claimed by them) and then had to go buy another one after three days since my mother refused to give it back. Since the boy cat has a history of letting his half-Maine Coon hang out and not give a flip about anything, including washing up, furminating means he doesn’t need mats clipped out anymore. And the girl cat, somewhere around August, simply gives up on trying to maintain herself and so large clumps start forming around her hips–but not anymore, thanks to the Furminator!

    Gosh, I sound like an ad O_O For readers of Mary’s journal: Trust me on this one, do not go buy your Furminator from Petco or Petsmart. Ask your veterinarian if they carry it. My vet sells the “small” (cat-sized) Furminator for $25. The exact same Furminator costs $40 at Petco. Not much of a choice there, eh? 🙂

    1. I wish I’d known about going to the vet for one. I paid an astonishing $54 for the mid-sized one. The small one was out of stock and I was desperate. At the moment, I’m sort of okay with the price.

  2. Oh, I am running out to get one tomorrow! I’ve trained the girls that I have lunch and then I brush them (Liffey now starts pestering me if I linger over lunch too long). They love it and it does help cut down on the furballs, but this thing sounds great!

  3. Three cheers for FURMINATION. I love that thing. The cat hates it, but she hates all grooming tools anyway; at least this one works, and well, and efficiently.

    1. You twos guys agent needs to strike a deal to make you both spokepersons of the Furminator. It’s all about the endorsements baby!

  4. This is too weird. Yesterday, a customer drove home and came back with her furminator to show me how well it works on dogs. I haven’t bought one yet, but now I think I’ll phone around to vets a see what kind of prices I get.

    One of my golden retrievers is a “ragdoll golden”–visualize mounds of hair begging to become dreadlocks. Her feet look like she has fur snowshoes on.

  5. Are you saying it with meaning? Invoking the Arnold of Schwarzenegger? “I am the FURMINATOR! You will be FURMINATED!”

  6. This sounds interesting. We have a Golden Retriever puppy that is going to be very hairy. I might have to buy this!

  7. I also will have to look into this, especially if I do get a ragdoll. Though already, anything that stops the short hairs of the Blue from turning into carefully placed hairball splatters would be more than welcome….

    1. Oddly, it seems to work better on our shorthair than on our longhaired cat. Of course, that might be because she likes being brushed and gets regular grooming, while he does not.

  8. Has anyone tried adding flaxseed oil to the diets? My wife has noticed a lot less shedding since we started giving Saydie treats with the oil in it.

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