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So, I’d read about these cellphone novels in Japan and thought that it was completely insane to consider writing a novel on a phone. And then I was waiting for the train, my palm pilot was in the bottom of my bag with produce from the farmer’s market burying it, and I thought, “Why not?”

So, I pulled the phone out and started writing. I use the word loosely, you understand. [1. If I get frustrated and give up, I will write the ending in a more traditional medium and email it to you.] Anyway, if you are interested in being part of my experiment, drop me a line with your cell number and I will periodically text you an installment in “The Case of the White Phoenix Feather.”

I have to warn you that these will be extremely sporadic installments and that all of them will end with a cliff-hanger. I’ll start sending them randomly, next week. You may get one a week, or one a day. I should also warn you that I’m writing with no idea of where this is going.

Here’s the first line.

Without preamble, Virginia leaned across the spotless white tablecloth and smiled. “When I said the ninjas were no match for us, I meant it. Lou will be back with the White Phoenix Feather before the dessert course. Now quit gaping and finish your soup.”

Edited to add: This will be a short story, not a novel. I’m not that crazy.

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4 thoughts on “Cellphone story”

  1. Do different phones have different text message size limits? I only ask because my old phone had a limit of 120 characters per text (it would cut off longer messages) and my new one seems to have a much bigger limit. 120 characters isn’t much story… 🙁

    1. These are going to be extremely fast bursts of story. Also, as far as I can tell, if I go over the 160 limit, it gets sent as multiple messages back to back. We’ll see how well that works.

  2. Good luck with the endeavor!

    I’d also like to add that the cellphone novels probably works in Japan because of the language (a word will just occupy a character or two).

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