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Snape’s Illicit Love Child Killed Harry Potter!

As you might guess, I haven’t read the last book yet. Today was remarkably similar to yesterday, minus the painting. We bought a bookshelf today to go behind the dining room door. Rob picked up a desk for the office, which he is setting up as I type. And next week, we pick up our futon frame. I think we need one more bookshelf and then we’ll be set.

I say that and laugh and laugh.

Lucky drycleaning

A butterfly on my computer bagI went to pick up my dry cleaning. As I was standing there, a butterfly flew in and landed on my computer bag. It sat there, fanning its wings as if it were the most natural thing in the world. I froze, afraid to scare it.

“Look!” I caught the drycleaning lady’s eye. “A butterfly. On my bag”

She looked at me like I was daft, but leaned over the counter. Her eyes widened and her mouth formed a silent oh. She crept around the counter, beckoning to one of the other workers. We all stood there, staring at the butterfly–which looks just brown in the photo, but had brilliant orange spots whenever it opened its wings–as if we were watching a miracle. Which, I guess, when you come down to it, we were.

The drycleaning lady said, “I can’t remember when I saw a butterfly last. It’s been years. Years.”

Under our attention, the butterfly preened and showed us teasing glimpses of its orange spots. Finally, since it didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving, I picked up my cleaning and left. The butterfly rode out on my bag. Not until I reached our corner did it fly away.

The Closest Farmer’s Market

106 and Central Park WestI went over to our local farmers market today. There are only six or so booths, but with a nice variety of things. It’s at 106th and Central Park West, nestled against an unexpected bluff of stone. It’s a beautiful setting, and naturally I didn’t have my camera with me. Google Maps Street View is not really doing it justice, but gives you a bit of the idea.

The weather has cooled off enough that I have been cooking at night. Other than that, most of the day was spent organizing the office. There have been several things in our boxes that baffle me. For instance, why in the world did I decide to pack the folding file I had in college? I mean, nothing–nothing is useful in that. I didn’t even know I still had it, so why is it in NYC? I’ve started a box for “things that don’t belong here” that Rob will take back to Portland when he goes back for IPNC.

Typewriter question

Since I have all of these new folks stopping by to look at the typewriter mod, maybe one of you will have an idea of how to do the other nifty thing I want. I want a USB carriage return. You know? I mean, how perfect would that be to be able to plug that in for those occasions when I need a hard return.

On the whole, I must say that having this at Readercon is very strange. I had it out today because I needed to print out the story for my reading, and people stopped with a double-take, pointing, because they had seen it on BoingBoing. (For my regular readers, be patient, the surge in traffic will die down shortly.)

The apartment in process

Okay, first of all, I have to say that you people are so impatient. Sheesh! Second, here are the photos.

The Apartment in Process

I’ve started putting the kitchen together, but have to hold off a bit until we mop the floor so we can put the pie safe in there. Right now it’s hanging out in the door between the living room and dining room.

Last night we went out for dinner at an asian fusion restaurant. This morning, we returned the truck, and walked back home through Central Park. It was very nice. There are sections were the traffic noise is no more noticeable than at Woodthrush Woods. My. It feels really good to be done with the truck. Arriving at home, we ate breakfast in the apartment–bagel for Rob and cereal for me. We still don’t have a clear table to sit at, but that should come soon. I’m hoping to have the dining room clear by this evening.

I’m looking forward to the point when I can write something.

No internet?!?

That’s right, we don’t yet have internet at the apartment. We get it next Friday, you know, while I’m away at Readercon. Until then, postings will be somewhat sporadic I’m afraid.

We spent yesterday cleaning and unpacking. The bedroom is assembled and has no boxes. Yay! Rob has disassembled the stove and is deep cleaning it. It’s a nice old Welbilt, which has thirty plus years of grease buildup on it. We shudder.

The living room is starting to emerge from the chaos of boxes, but it will take awhile.

I have to give a huuuuuuge thank you to Emily, Jodi and my brother, Steve, for their help moving us in.

Here are some photos from moving day.

Arrival in NYC

Arrived in Racine, WI

We have safely arrived at the home of Brad Beaulieu in our first ever early arrival. We were figuring to get here around seven tonight and arrived at five instead. As soon as we got out of Minnesota, we cleared the road construction and it was fast going.

I’m looking forward to a very pleasant evening.

Meanwhile, here are photos from our stay in Avon.


On the road in Minnesota

Once on Prarie Home Companion, Garrison Keilor said that Minnesota had two seasons, Winter and Road Construction. We are clearly in the latter. We left on time but are moving over level ground as if the van is struggling up a hill.

While, Rob is filling the truck up with the $100 of diesel that we put in twice a day, I’m checking email and filling you guys in on where we are. Lovely, eh? Oh, and I checked the rating of my blog. You’ll be happy to know that it’s safe for families despite my conversations about beavers and long stiff rods.

The Other Day

I’ve already slipped into “tour time” where time is told not by the clock or calendar but by location. Everything has become, “the other day when we were in…”

So, I added photos that we took the other day to the web album.

Move To NYC, Day Two

Somewhere in Wyoming

My God. Rob just turned into a teenager. “Jenny” just came on the radio—apparently he used to play it in his high school garage band. He is playing the steering wheel and singing the backup. He just apologized saying, “I was more earnest then” and then went back to singing.

Look! Schadenfreude and trucks!

Surprise! We were comfortable with the things we were going to have to leave behind because of space. What we did not anticipate was the weight of what we did manage to get into the truck.

We have bottomed out the suspension. Totally. The truck is so overweight that after A LOT of thought, we are going to switch to a larger truck. It’s that or risk breaking an axle in the Rockies. I’d much rather swap trucks here on a shady street.

This won’t throw off our arrival date, because we had some slop built into our schedule, but it will change the rest of the trip since we probably won’t leave until tomorrow.

Clearing the cellar

Some of Rob's wineRob has a collection of wine. The trouble with driving across the country in the summer is that the wine would bake in the moving truck. So, today we had guests over to help empty the cellar. The highlight of the evening, for me was his Domain Du Mas Blanc from Banyuls from 1977. (Rob points out that this wine celebrates the 30th anniversary of Star Wars.) It was surprisingly vibrant.

What’s also surprising is that we still have wine left over. Fortunately, folks are coming to help us move out of the house on Tuesday.

A box by the road

Yesterday, Rob asked me about a box on our curb. It had a towel and a car floor mat in it. I didn’t recognize either, but figured that someone had pulled it out of their car while loading some yardsale item in. Granted, it hadn’t been there the day of the yard sale, but neither of us could think of another reasonable idea.

Today, the towel blew off the box.

There’s been this stray cat hanging around our house for about a month. It’s a poor scrawny thing, with patchy fur. It was in the box. I wanted it to be sleeping, but what cat would sleep inches away from a busy road?

Someone must have hit it with their car and tried to find the owner. I mean, they took the time to stop and put it in the box and cover it with the towel. I wonder if they picked our house because that’s where the cat was headed or because one of our neighbors told them that we have a black cat.

I’ve got this strange mix of sadness and relief. The sadness is easy to understand. But the relief? She never looked happy and she’s not struggling to survive anymore. That’s not it though, not really. I’m relieved that she wasn’t my cat. I’m relieved that I know she was feral and that no one is sitting at home wondering where she is. And then that makes the sadness comes back around.

The county animal control is coming to pick up the body.