Our 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago today, I married Rob on the front porch of my parents house.  I remain deeply in love with him. As such, I’m taking today off from the internetto hang out with my sweetie. Have a slideshow of wedding pictures while I’m away.

Happy Birthday, Rob

Today is my best beloved’s birthday. He is something of a minimalist in aesthetic so doesn’t like to receive gifts.  For years, my practice has been to give him subtractive presents.  This has been things like gift certificates to remove the item of his choice from a room, or a day without internet. Sometimes, it …

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Travel Day — To Hawaii

Among the many bonuses of being married to Rob, comes the fact that I like his parents.  I would like them even if they didn’t live in Hawaii. We are off to visit for the week.  Try not to feel sorry for me.

Robert Kowal BLOGS!

In a move that will surprise many of the people who know my husband, he has begun a blog.  The nature of it, however, will not be surprising at all.  Personally, I’m very much looking forward to the experiment. “Reality has passed completely into the game of reality.” – Jean Baudrillard.1 My undertaking here is …

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Video: Thriller on the ukulele

Rob is listening to Jake Shimabukuro’s live album and his rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller just came on. Oddly, it makes me more aware of the musicality of the piece than all the zombies did.

The shocking affair of the airship OR why we were an hour and a half late.

Fortunately, I have learned to leave plenty of extra time when I travel. We caught the shuttle with no problems but then, not surprisingly, traffic to Atlanta was backed up because of two different accidents.  The shuttle wound up arriving at the airport an hour late, which caused some of the other passengers concern, but …

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Back from fetching the car

Rob and I had a stress-free trip to Seattle, where we retrieved the Mercedes.  We did a little bit of shopping and then drove home without problems. The cats seem surprised to see us.

Just call me Typhoid Mary

You might recall that I made a passing reference to being ill last week and that Rob was also ill.  Yesterday, we both went to the doctor. The good news is that it isn’t pneumonia. Rob had been at work with two people that had pneumonia for a couple of days the week before this …

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