Snape’s Illicit Love Child Killed Harry Potter!

As you might guess, I haven’t read the last book yet. Today was remarkably similar to yesterday, minus the painting. We bought a bookshelf today to go behind the dining room door. Rob picked up a desk for the office, which he is setting up as I type. And next week, we pick up our futon frame. I think we need one more bookshelf and then we’ll be set.

I say that and laugh and laugh.

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6 thoughts on “Snape’s Illicit Love Child Killed Harry Potter!”

  1. It’s getting to the point where we’re not worried about having enough room for our books: we’re worried about having enough rooms for our books. Next time either of us gets a raise, we’re seriously considering moving to a three-bedroom apartment. Ideally we’d wait for the guy in the studio next door to move out so we could rent it and turn it into a library/guestroom, but our landlord might not be so keen on that…

  2. No spoilers, but Ben finished the book this evening, after staying up well past midnight last night (unbeknownst to his parents), waking early, bringing the book on our trip to the river today, and finishing the last chapters after dinner at grandma’s.

    I don’t think your synopsis is accurate 🙂
    (but then again, it might be)

  3. Oh, I love the idea of Ben reading past midnight. It is lucky I never burned the house down with a lamp under the covers and a rug pused up against the door frame to keep parents away. Bless him!

  4. Rose: I dunno, your landlord might love the idea, because it would be a lot less wear and tear on the room. We did a serious purge when we came out here. The biggest problem is that the house in Portland had shelves built into one of the closets, so, even though we have space for the books we brought, we just don’t have the bookshelves

    -e-: What?! That’s not what happens. I’m so disappointed.

    momk: You know… I never tried the rug pushed against the door. That might have helped. I had no idea you were so sneaky.

  5. I used to insist that the hall light be left on, and then lie on the floor of my bedroom with the book in the light stream pouring through the doorway.

    And that’s why I have impaired vision.

  6. Also, argh! One of my friends has posted HP spoilers on her blog – now I won’t be able to read the blog for at least a week.

    Although my copy is in the building …

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