What’s up with the password protected story?

The post labled, “The Bride Replete” is about half of my current story in progress. I wanted to show it to some folks who were helping with my chemistry question to give them some context, so I posted it password protected. If you were reading Shades of Milk and Honey, it uses the same password as that.

If you are curious, I’m happy to give you the password, but realize that it is raw text and cuts off mid-sentence.

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5 thoughts on “What’s up with the password protected story?”

  1. Mary, this is really engrossing so far. I love the way you waltz around the edges of some aspects of their physical appearence, through the use of childrens games and “old sayings” (about hand anatomy). You create a fully realized view from the eyes of an alien adolescent… I want the rest!

  2. I want the rest too! This is the hardest story I’ve tried to write since I don’t have a human viewpoint character. In fact, I’ve had the idea for years, but didn’t think I was ready to try writing it until recently.

  3. p.s. I see the comments are still piling up at the laptop post… is Rob tickled that you made it onto Japanese Gizmodo?

  4. Fabulous Girl

    Love this story, Mary, you are so talented. And please, write faster!

    (I know it doesn’t work that way.)

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