The apartment in process

Okay, first of all, I have to say that you people are so impatient. Sheesh! Second, here are the photos.

The Apartment in Process

I’ve started putting the kitchen together, but have to hold off a bit until we mop the floor so we can put the pie safe in there. Right now it’s hanging out in the door between the living room and dining room.

Last night we went out for dinner at an asian fusion restaurant. This morning, we returned the truck, and walked back home through Central Park. It was very nice. There are sections were the traffic noise is no more noticeable than at Woodthrush Woods. My. It feels really good to be done with the truck. Arriving at home, we ate breakfast in the apartment–bagel for Rob and cereal for me. We still don’t have a clear table to sit at, but that should come soon. I’m hoping to have the dining room clear by this evening.

I’m looking forward to the point when I can write something.

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5 thoughts on “The apartment in process”

  1. Looking at these, I think you’re never going to come back to Oregon, I suppose because I wouldn’t if I were in your shoes. I’m enjoying your move vicariously.

  2. Thank you for the photos and report about Central Park stroll. The before/after view of the stove handel is astonishing! Makes me wonder about the condition of the rest of your abode. Lots of work ahead, but no doubt you two will make it sing and shine!

  3. Thanks for the photos Mary. Yes, we are impatient, but only because you have spoiled us.

    I must say, calcified grease on the side of the stove by the wall is one thing, but it takes a special kind of blindness to so neglect the chrome oven handle, which you touch on a regular basis.

    It looks like the apartment gets tons of natural light, and your stuff seems to be fitting rather comfortably (though maybe that’s just careful photography on your part)

  4. Karen: When we got all the boxes into the apartment, Rob said, “We are never moving again,” to which I replied, “Yes we will, but next time we hire movers.”

    Rick: What can I say, NYC is a rough town.

    MomK and Eve: Yes, the stove was in a high degree of “ew.” Rob is having a grand time working on it; it’s feeding every OCD urge of his. Except the paperclip one…

    And things do fit nicely. At least, so far. We still have to tackle the office.

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