The return of the computer woes

After all of the problems with my computer, I waited for two days to make sure it was stable before I started writing on it. It felt so good to be back on a familiar keyboard and with a full size screen, so I got some good words in.

And then my computer crashed again. The blue screen went past so quickly that I can only assume that it was the same error message as before. I turned it back on, to retrieve the file I’d been working on and it almost immediately went down again.

I’ve taken the RAM out, cleaned the connections thoroughly and stuck them back in, but I’ve got no real faith the machine will keep working. I’m using it to go online, as a test, but you know…

I think that shopping for a new computer has just been bumped up on the priority list.

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5 thoughts on “The return of the computer woes”

  1. Please send your old computer to Avon.
    Michael starts classes in January and
    certainly could use one. His
    mother has told him ‘hands off’ on her
    P.C.since he imports virus regularly.

  2. I can definitely relate…
    My laptop’s power jack has been messed up. I had to hold the power cable at a certain angle for it to charge, which leaves me typing with one hand. And a few hours ago something weirder happened: every time I tried to log in, it says “loading settings”, followed by “logging off”. So I could get to the log-in screen, but nothing further. I think it’s time to get a new laptop.

  3. Eeek. Sorry to hear about this, Mary. Sounds sadly like a harddrive controller failure to me, but I’m a medievalist, not a technologist. I did do quite a bit of PC shopping very recently, so I know something about that, though.

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