UNIMA World Puppet Festival 2008

I know some of you are in Australia, but I’m not sure which parts. You must, MUST, take advantage of the Unima World Puppet Festival in 2008. UNIMA is the international puppetry organization. It is the oldest continually operating arts organization in the world. This festival will have shit-hot puppetry at it. Man, I wish …

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No need for wings, after all

The theater decided to move the dress rehearsal up a day, as in tomorrow. I explained that it was impossible to have the wings built and installed in the dress–which the designer also knew–by tomorrow. So, they are going to cut the puppetry wings. le sigh…

Coraline’s torso

Once again, I return to the drawing. This is one of the places that I took a shortcut. Were I in a studio, I would have done a top-down view of Coraline in addition to the front and side to make it easier to delegate construction. Using the front and side view, I get the …

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Coraline’s arms

I started making Coraline’s body. I’m going to walk you through the process to make an arm; the rest of the body follows pretty similar principals. To start with, I take the initial scale drawing that I did of Coraline and turn it into a technical drawing. Which is to say that I decide where …

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Coraline in color

I did a color test on the botched head. The painterly quality tends to hide the glue spots, which is a bonus. Unfortunately, the hard line under her mouth shows where I didn’t get the seam tight enough. I’ll let you in on a secret. Coraline only has one ear. The way her hair is …

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Go see Stardust

I’ve returned from a preview screening of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust–tickets provided by the fabulous Livia Llewellyn. Since I got out of the theater, I’ve been wanting to go back. When was the last time that happened to me? Princess Bride? Goya in Bordeaux? But since then… I can’t remember one. I don’t want to gush …

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Coraline’s face

I mentioned that I am using a German paper-folding technique, created by Albrecht Roser, to create the Coraline face. As it happens, I have a pattern and instructions for a face up at my puppet company’s website. If you want to play along at home. It’s for Gerta from the Snow Queen. I start off …

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Basement dregs

We’re sorting the basement for the yardsale. Here are some of the things which will be in the sale. I built this cyclops head for Mt. Hood’s production of Odyssey. It has since been in Jack and the Beanstalk and then sat in my basement for years and years. It’s papier-mache and quite light. I …

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A hearty thank you to Karen Meisner for pointing out this lush bit of mixed media, directed by Guilherme Marcondes, which includes some very pretty puppetry.


Wow. Talk about the perfect blending of my worlds. Rogue Artists Ensemble has created an adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean’s graphic novel ‘THE TRAGICAL COMEDY OR COMICAL TRAGEDY OF MR. PUNCH.’ The production photos look stunning. Alas, it is in L.A., so I can’t go, but I seriously want to. Based the graphic …


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