And the day started so nicely.

What a day. I’ll all in.

We started by having brunch with fab girl, her friend Leslie, Jodi and Jed at Cafe Deville. It’s a nice big open space with good food, but the service was questionable. We kept having to send water glasses away because they had floaters in them. Ugh.

After that, Rob and I spent a couple of hours tromping around to various paper and art supply stores looking for the paperwood I want for my laptop’s space bar. No luck. I finally picked up a piece of thin birch ply for model airplanes. I’ve found paperwood online, but there keep being minimum orders and, you know, I want to test it first. It’s very frustrating. If you know a store that carries it, do let me know.

Giving up on that, we headed to Home Depot to pick up paint for the living room and dining room. While I’m all for shopping locally, I just can’t plunk down $45 on a gallon of paint. Can’t. And that’s what the paint costs in my neighborhood.

In between painting, I wrestled with a couple of different computer programs trying to crank out an ad for Shimmer, because my software is still in the boxes coming from Iceland. All the trial versions of other software have expired, leaving me with nothing very useful. Again. Frustrating. So I went back and forth between that and the walls, which are also frustrating because they are just a wee bit uneven. It’s impossible to get a clean edge, even with tape, at any point. I do it better freehanding, really.

I’m heading off to shower and bed now. I’ve got a job interview for a temp position as a receptionist tomorrow. While I’m here to do puppetry, it usually takes a year or two to establish oneself in a new community. Gotta keep food on the table and paint on the walls while that’s happening, eh?

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4 thoughts on “And the day started so nicely.”

  1. But she was new! The waitress was new! She kept telling us so!

    Agreed, of course, and not just because of the floaters. It took her forever to bring us our drinks. But the company was marvellous …

  2. Alas, I find myself In bed with a nasty and ill- timed summer cold. Just right for puttering on line tracking things down between coughing fits… according to the manufacturers, Paperwood is not carried by any retailers in NYC, but is available through Hiromi paper international in Ca. 1(866)479-2744) The nice lady in the shop informed me that they have no minimum order, and sell 8 1/2×11 sheets of walnut paperwood (the darkest they carry) for $3.10.

  3. Excellent question. No, most of the typewriters we have, and certainly the style that I’m riffing off of have black space bars and most of those are wood. I think ebony, which would be lovely, but I’m not sure. It feels nice.

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