My cat is not a typewriter

Dear Marlowe, You are not fooling anyone into thinking you are a typewriter. Yes, you are the right size and the right color, but you are covered in fur. Fondly yours, Mary

Grants make my eyes cross

I spent today looking at support materials for a grants panel I’m sitting on tomorrow.  In many ways, it’s like reading slush but generally better written.  Or at least shorter. Tomorrow, I’ll spend locked in a room with other panelists talking through each submission which should be interesting. I’m sure there are going to be …

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Cats! Sleeping together!

As you can see, the wee beasties are starting to get along a little better.  It’s not total love, but at least they aren’t fleeing from each other. From Harriet and Marlowe

Cold and cats

Yesterday was the first coldish day since we moved in and I’m impressed by how quickly the apartment loses all its heat through the large, gorgeous and single-glazed windows. The desk which I am so happy to have next to a window is, in fact, quite chilly. There are storm window frames outside and some …

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Harriet and Marlowe

We settled on Harriet, because it does work well with her elegance and curiosity.  As she settles in, she’s become less stridently chatty and clingy and is proving herself to be quite bright. Re-educating her that the litterbox was not a playground involved saying “No” and offering her another toy.   Since then, she’s been quite …

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Naming and kitty litter

We have introduced the two cats to each other. Aside from an initial concern on Marlowe’s part that the new kitty would EAT HIM ALIVE, the introduction was remarkable trauma free. We also read more on her paperwork.  The cats had a room of their own, so I suspect that one of the reasons she’s …

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We have a new kitty

Since Maggie passed away we’ve noticed that Marlowe is needy and bored. Yes, even with the move. So we’d been talking about getting another cat. Today we went up to the human society and looked at two very sweet kitties.  We probably would have looked at more but the decision was already hard. We’ve brought …

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