Harriet and Marlowe

We settled on Harriet, because it does worHarriet and Marlowek well with her elegance and curiosity.  As she settles in, she’s become less stridently chatty and clingy and is proving herself to be quite bright. Re-educating her that the litterbox was not a playground involved saying “No” and offering her another toy.   Since then, she’s been quite ladylike.

I am, however, amused to realize that we’ve got two cats with detective names. Harriet Vane and Phillip Marlowe.  Granted, our Marlowe is named after the playwright, but still the unintentional pairing cracks me up.  As a friend commented, it’s like a cat detective noir story.

If this were fiction, I’d have to change one of them or make it totally deliberate.  Thank god I can have joke names in real life.

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3 thoughts on “Harriet and Marlowe”

  1. After looking at the photos in the previous post, the elegance is evident and Harriet works. I’m so glad the two are adjusting so well together. I mean, look at them. If they’re comfortable enough to sleep close to each other like that already, it’s gonna be just fine.

    P.S. trying out the cobbler recipe this weekend after a trip to a local organic farm in the Snohomish valley. I’ll just see what fall fruits look good and go from there.

    Thanks again
    Jeff S.

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