A visual meme

I picked this up from Vylar Kaftan. The point is to type your answers to the questions into Google Images and then post the first picture listed in the returns. All of this should make it blatantly clear what my answer to Number 5 is, even if the visual answer were not so dead-on. 1. …

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Cats & Mice

This man makes armor for cats & mice. I wonder if Mr. De Boer has ever managed to actually get a cat to put one on. Marlowe would love it. Edited to add: I found this in Mr. De Boer’s FAQ. Q. Have you ever put a mouse into a suit of armour? A. If …

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My cat, Marlowe

This is one of my two cats. He’s a mask artist. When he was a kitten I gave him one of those string ornaments to play with. He used to bite the edge of it, and it would flip, almost going over his head. One evening, as I was hosting a dinner party, one of …

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I got in around 10:20 last night. -E- met me at the airport and drove me home. It was really good to see her and I hadn’t really realized how much I’ve missed her company till I was back in it. The house was much as we’d left it. The kitchen floor, which we refinished …

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Now I know what you’re thinking: How did I find a production of Little Shop of Horrors so quickly here. But, in fact, this Audrey is one of the cast member’s dog, and will be staying with us during Easter break. She’s quiet and well-behaved and about the size of our cat Marlowe back home. …

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Icestorm 2005!

Well, that’s the way the news stations here would characterize the weather outside. We’ve had freezing rain and there’s a sheet of ice on the street. No pipes froze. The trees are not covered in tubes of ice, so it’s fairly mild as icestorms go. Rob was mean and let Marlowe outside. He came back …

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The Radish and Marlowe

Much to our surprise, Marlowe loves shredded daikon radish. He’s not keen on salmon, but give him a bit of spicy root and he’s a happy cat.

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