Cleaning the basement

One of the chores to do before we move is to clean out the basement. This is my workshop, so I have ridiculous quantities of puppet making supplies down there. I haven’t had to be selective in years and now, suddenly, I do. I’m sorting things into the categories Take, Store, Give Away. My thought is that when I get the Take and Store stuff out of the basement, that I’ll send out an email to all my puppeteer and otherwise crafty friends inviting them to a party. Sure, we’ll have food, but everyone who comes will be expected to take something from the Give Away category. The rest of it will go on Free Cycle.

I’ve got to say, this is fairly overwhelming. I mean, I’ve got a giant Cyclops head in the basement. Do I keep that? Give it away? It’s huge! And what about the mailman’s uniform? Or the bag of plaster? Heck, what about the life-size mold of a Clydesdale’s head? Oh, and then there’s the box of spare parts for the Audrey II puppet that I’ll probably never see again. Choices, choices, choices…

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5 thoughts on “Cleaning the basement”

  1. Cleaning out the basement sounds like a gigantic project, but I envy the freedom this will bring you.

  2. We have a rule in effect at our house: anyone who dares give us yet another tchotchki, must take one home with them in return. I’m contemplating changing that to “must take five.”

    BTW, I listened to you reading Kage Baker while working this morning. What fun!

  3. Ah,why don’t we live closer? I Love jsut sitting and going through stuff. I’m a crafty packrat… if I can think of a use for it in a craft, I keep it. Good luck with the packing and decision making.

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