Games Night

Jonathan had planned on having a games night tonight at his place, but at the last minute had to cancel becasue he had to stay at work editing an episode. So, we just convened at my place instead.

We played Celebrity, which I had never played before. It works like this: The guests are divided into teams. Each player writes down the names of three to five celebrities (or famous books, or fictional characters) on slips of paper, folds the papers in half and puts them in a pot. In the first round, you can use words and movements to let people know what celebrity you have drawn from the pot. In the second round, you can use one word (and no other sounds) and movement. In the final round, you can only use movement. Your teammates try to guess, while you try to go through as many pieces of paper as you can in a minute.

It was a lot of fun. The last of my guests left about fifteen minutes ago, around 1 a.m. They wanted to help clean up, but my kitchen is so tiny that it’s just not a good plan to have more than one person working in there at a time. I used one of Grandma’s lines, “It’ll give me something to do after you’re gone.”

And I’d also like to add a special thank you to my mother who taught me the importance of having emergency party food on hand. People were impressed with the spread I pulled off with only an hours notice.

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  1. How about posting pictures of these people you are talking about. I know I met Jonathan but I don’t remember what he looks like. I remember Raymond and Sarah and the fellow that plays the mayor, but not his name, and Betsy Busybody but not her name either. Just post a who’s who of the cast.

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