Serenading Grandma

Meet my 106-year old Grandma. My dad, on fiddle, and his friend stopped by to play for her today. I learned that my great-grandfather played the fiddle. After the camera was off, I also found out that Grandma used to play the slide guitar. What’s really crazy? I recorded this on my phone and Grandma …

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Hawaii is dreamy

Hawaii continues to be lovely.  Yesterday Rob made Taro waffles and papaya with lime for breakfast. We chatted. I napped. We went for a walk. I napped. I wrote a little and then napped… you see how stressful it is to be here. Meanwhile, in Portland, I understand that there are winter weather warnings.  I …

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Travel Day — To Hawaii

Among the many bonuses of being married to Rob, comes the fact that I like his parents.  I would like them even if they didn’t live in Hawaii. We are off to visit for the week.  Try not to feel sorry for me.

Photos of Christmas 2010 plus a snowball fight

Today was absolutely lovely.  In this order, I sat by the fire, opened presents, played in the snow, napped, ate leftovers.  There was some cleaning involved as well, but it did little to diminish the pleasures of the day. Why cleaning? Besides the carnage of the wrapping paper, thirty-three members of our extended family came …

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Christmas Snow!

We’ve got an inch on the ground in Chattanooga and it’s still coming down. Those of you from places where it really snows, hush. This is the first time in my life that I’ve had a white Christmas. I’m fully aware that the snow isn’t making it under the trees yet but it’s covering the …

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The arrival of my brother and an outing for barbecue

Today has been a lovely day. Although Mom had the house mostly decorated for Christmas, I helped put some additional greenery up and made some arrangements. On Christmas Eve we’ll have dinner for thirty-three, which will be delightful. It’s all family extending out to third cousins. Meanwhile, my brother and his children arrived this evening …

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Happy Birthday, Steve!

Today is my brother’s birthday. You remember Steve, right? He’s the one who commissioned the Elvis Garden Gnome for his girlfriend’s birthday. My brother is a generally good guy, but does have a bit of an evil streak in him. He also is fond of beers and has a deep knowledge of different types and …

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Hawaii under tsunami warning, emergency response plans underway –

Rob’s parents live in Hawaii, but in Aiea, which is way up on a ridge so I’m not actually worried about their house. And yet…it’s hard not to be fixed on the news. State officials in Hawaii have activated their emergency response plans to prepare for a possible tsunami caused by the massive earthquake in …

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Catching you up

I think I should probably acknowledge that while SFWA hasn’t had any significant impact on my writing life, it does cut into the blogging pretty severely. Not that I don’t have time so much as that I don’t have the inclination as much. Some of it also is that I feel like my life is …

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