Posting by email

Well, I seem to have the whole posting by email straightened out. At first glance, it didn’t seem like something that I needed for my site to do, but I’ve recently come upon several uses for it. For instance, I can now post from my cellphone to my website, which is useful in those cases …

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On the road in Minnesota

Once on Prarie Home Companion, Garrison Keilor said that Minnesota had two seasons, Winter and Road Construction. We are clearly in the latter. We left on time but are moving over level ground as if the van is struggling up a hill. While, Rob is filling the truck up with the $100 of diesel that …

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Reading Aloud 15: Choices & Compromises while recording Rude Mechanicals

When Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press asked me to read Kage Baker’s Rude Mechanicals, I was delighted, because I love the Company stories. I was delighted until I started reading the manuscript and realized that the point of view character was male. I skimmed forward, just looking at dialogue. Most of the characters were male. …

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Silver Linings

I had forgotten that one of my favorite cousins was getting married this weekend. I landed safely and on time, went by the house, showered and went to a wedding. (I had wanted to attend, but was afraid to make plans because of our ever fluctuating move date.) It was a lovely ceremony and they …

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Site upgrades

So, I’ve added two new things to the website, plus some back end and minor revamping. First, you might notice little “Share This” buttons at the bottom of posts. These are for those of you who use things like technorati or like to email articles to other folks. I think they are fairly self explanatory …

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Teeth, Sinuses and Me

I woke up during the night with a toothache, which was Just Not Fair. At all. I tried sleeping anyway, I tried taking ibuprofen. Nada. In fact, it got worse, radiating through my ear and sending shafts of steel straight through my brain and out the top of my head. Visions of root canal opened …

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Sale! “Death Comes but Twice” to Talebones

What a fantastic way to start off 2007. Patrick Swenson just emailed me to say that he’d like to buy “Death Comes but Twice” for issue #35 of Talebones. I’m delighted. Talebones is one of my favorite magazines and I’ve been hankering to get in there. Happy New Year everyone!

It’s sunny

Three people today have sent me emails saying that they hope I’m surviving the rain and storms. It’s sunny with blue skies today, and only scattered clouds. So, I’m fine. No problems to report here, no matter what the news agencies tell you.

Apex Raffle update

The drawings are complete and the winners have been notified. For a complete list, visit the website. If you see your name listed, but have not received an email from me, please let me know. I will be letting the donors know who has claimed their prize tomorrow. (Saturday) Right now, I’m beat and heading …

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So, it took me about forty-five minutes to create the intial Save Apex website. And then I have spent the rest of the day inputting the donations. I mean, really. They keep coming in. It astounds me. I had a total fan-girl moment when the signed, hardback first-edition copy of the Sparrow came in. When …

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Gmail error

Gmail has this wonderful feature which shows the first line of an email next to the subject line. This evening I was checking my email and saw something from CICADA (a highly prestigious, professional magazine) which said: Dear Ms. Kowal: I’m drafting an acceptance letter for “This Little Pig” and w In a state of …

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Network update

On Friday, they are going to do an update of my server which means that sometime between Friday and Monday it and my email may go down. Be patient.

Better today

My throat is still sore, but I think the fever broke during the night. Rob has been very sweet and kept me well supplied with fluids. Dad keeps asking me if I feel better. I think I do, but yesterday was so miserable because of the drive from North Carolina that it’s hard to tell …

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