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So, I’ve added two new things to the website, plus some back end and minor revamping. First, you might notice little “Share This” buttons at the bottom of posts. These are for those of you who use things like technorati or like to email articles to other folks. I think they are fairly self explanatory once you click on them.

The other is that I can now group posts in a series, for instance, my Shades of Milk and Honey posts are all collected together now. At the end of each chapter, you’ll see a table of contents showing all the other chapters. Handy, eh? (By the way, While I was at it, I un-protected the first three chapters. If you want to read the rest, it’s not too late to ask me for the password.)

Are there any other things that you really wish the site had or did?

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6 thoughts on “Site upgrades”

  1. The light bulb went on! Now I have figured out that clicking on LINKS will connect me to Buster’s Blog! Happy Day.

  2. Hey, I’ll take a password, if you’re handing them out. I feel all empowered when I have passwords.

    That, and I usually really enjoy your writing (though, to be honest, I haven’t started this one yet — is there some reason it’s password protected, aside from right protection?)

  3. I’ll email it to you right away. It’s protected for two reasons; right protections, ’cause I’m going to try to sell this one and also that it’s raw draft material. I’m posting as I finish things, so I don’t want someone who just stumbles across the site to think this is what my finished drafts look like.

    Oh, and a sense of power. Mwahahaha!

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