Want to schlep boxes?

Through a series of unfortunate events ranging from car robbery to boating accident — no really — our afternoon crew of friends who volunteered to help us move have largely had to back out. By largely, I mean everyone but one person.

Not that I am nervous or anything, but if you are at all available this afternoon or evening, would you drop me a line? We’re at 107th and Amsterdam. There’s a big truck there. You can’t miss it.

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3 thoughts on “Want to schlep boxes?”

  1. I’m so sorry. Geico’s outsourced autoglass company Safelite really screwed up, and I was on the phone yelling at them Wednesday, when they promised they would have everything done on Tuesday. Mind you, my car window was smashed on Sunday. I finally had had it with them, and found my own glass company to do it, but since I called them on the end of the day Wednesday, they could only get me in Thursday morning/noon. I hope it all went ok!

    1. Oh! Don’t worry about it. I mean, things happen. It was just comic that everyone had something come up. I felt like NYC was throwing a tantrum about us leaving or something. That, or slamming the door to make sure we don’t come back…

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