Day 1 of the move. Milesburg, PA

Rob driving out of ManhattanWe hadn’t planned on stopping in Milesburg, but we were delayed getting out of the City this morning which pushed our arrival in Bradford, OH to midnightish. Not okay. We were also so fatigued from loading yesterday that collapsing into a heap in a hotel sounded better than collapsing in a heap with the truck.

Why are we so beat? Well, after the lengthy loading of the truck, yesterday, we had to stop, twice, to repack parts of it today. The roads in Manhattan are extremely uneven and all the bouncing caused my sculpting wheel — two discs of solid steel — to fall onto one of the wardrobe boxes, collapsing it and knocking over several other items.

And then the washing machine started to walk. Now, if we thought it would actually get to Portland on its own, I’d totally let it out to walk. Not likely to be the case though, so we stopped to buy straps. We got it a little more secure, but it was raining, so we couldn’t do as much as we’d like. Tomorrow, we’re going to pull some things out and really strap it down.

Marlowe has been traumatized by the whole thing. He’s never liked loud noises and there are many things that sound like ferocious growling when you’re on the road. He seems a little better now that we’re in the hotel.

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4 thoughts on “Day 1 of the move. Milesburg, PA”

  1. Rob’s face looks like flint set to roll west.
    -d- had been extremely kind to keep us informed
    of your progress, and we greatly appreciate how
    nice he has been keepding us posted. Good to see
    your Day 1 entry Mary. Thanks

  2. Good luck! On my last move cross-country, I had to majorly repack-putting many boxes of books above the cab was a bad idea.

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