Updating my portfolio

I was working on updating my portfolio today and chatting with someone who didn’t know that I built things. Puppeteer, yes. But the fact that, in my case, the word puppeteer also includes designing and building, in addition to performing, was new information.

So, I thought I’d share my portfolio with you.

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5 thoughts on “Updating my portfolio”

  1. I remember when you blogged about folding that bear. Fascinating. I adore Smaug, too. And everything else. You are an extremely talented woman, and it’s an honor to know you.

  2. beautiful! i love the paper stuff. i’ve had some notes for building musical instruments out of paper for ages, one of those some-day projects. and the Tempest images are fantastic! fond of shadows, i am. are there more images from that production anywhere?

    all in all, wonderful.


    well… erm…

    the slide that’s simply labeled “intestines”, that’s the results, not the materials. right. right? eek.

  3. Wow, some really great stuff in there, Mary. I really liked the Hobbit puppets. I wish I was close enough to take that in.

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