Twitter seems to have blocked some of my followers at random.

If you can’t figure out why I blocked you on Twitter, I probably didn’t. I have no idea how or why, but a bunch of people — including actual IRL friends — wound up on the blocked list on my Twitter account.

Why don’t I just unblock everyone? Because some of the blocks are totally legit — but it’s not all ways easy to tell which is which.

So — if you’ve been blocked, will you please comment, or email me, with your twitter handle? I’ll unblock you.

Edited to add: You can tell if you’ve been blocked because you can no longer see anything I post to Twitter. If you still see my tweets, we’re fine.

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11 thoughts on “Twitter seems to have blocked some of my followers at random.”

  1. I can’t tell if I’m blocked, because my account is locked so you wouldn’t be able to see anything I tweet at you anyway cos you aren’t following me, but I can still see your tweets (well, obvs). I’m kwanboa.

  2. I’m @BarbCaffrey on Twitter…and if I am blocked, you won’t see any of my reviews. (Which, for the record, are generally positive. We don’t call it “Shiny Book Review” for nothing.)

  3. @IgorR1985

    The block happened this spring just after I tweeted your books were my gateway to fantasy/romance and you responded favorably 😀

  4. A side effect of going too long without a CEO maybe? I’m @dark_opus.

    BTW, Mary, The Lady Astronaut of Mars is getting some nice promo love from Library eBook sites, all thanks to The Martian. I’ve spotted it on a couple of library web pages in the local area. Have you seen any uptick in traffic?

  5. @DarcyConaty

    I’d been wondering why I’d been blocked, since my interactions with you on Twitter and IRL have been quite positive. It will be nice to see your feed directly again instead of only via retweets!

  6. Some time ago, I found that my account (@ogilvie_chris) had been blocked by yours. As this happened when the Puppies Hugo thing was blowing up, and you were receiving a great deal of vitriol from some corners, I wasn’t sure if it was the result of a Twitter hiccough, a mis-click, or something else.

    Frankly, I suspected it was because I had attempted to say something supportive (you had asked your followers to tweet you cute animal pictures), and it backfired due to my own ham-handed writing ability and tweet-length limitations.

    Just before I was blocked, I sent the following tweets to you:

    “@MaryRobinette Not an animal… but I wanted you know that my sister and I have a saying when it comes to how to act toward others. (1/2)”

    “@MaryRobinette “Be like Mary.” You’re who we both want to be when we grow up. (2/2)”

    I meant to say that, as aspiring writers ourselves, you set a standard of professionalism that we both one day hope to meet.

    I had to split the thought into two tweets. What I failed to realize was that the first tweet, on its own, looks a lot like exactly the sort of mansplain-y, mean-spirited crap you were dealing with just then. It would make perfect sense for you to block me then and there, without ever reading the second tweet. I probably would have, were I you.

    As I say, I had assumed that was the reason I had been blocked. It’s also why I haven’t contacted you until now to explain; being blocked on Twitter is a pretty clear “Do not talk to me,” and I wanted to respect that. Given that my being blocked may have been due to a technical glitch, though, I felt it appropriate to comment.

    If it is the case that you blocked my account due to the tweets I sent you, I’d like to at least offer my unconditional apology for any hurt or misunderstanding I may have caused. That was the opposite of my intent. I’d understand entirely if you didn’t wish to unblock me.

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