Small love letters

I’ve been writing love letters to Rob every night and tucking them in places that I know he’ll look when he gets home.  There’s one in the refrigerator.  One under his journal — but not inside, as that would have required opening it.  One on his computer.  I’ll leave one on his pillow. ((He doesn’t read my website so I may safely confess such things to you, dear reader.))

I used to do this when we were first courting and I’d head off on tour. It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write my fondness for him down with pen on paper.  I’m enjoying the tangibility of these expressions.

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7 thoughts on “Small love letters”

  1. I sorts of miss doing that. Once the kids start to be able to read or become interested in it it’s just easier for us to send email notes to each other, or trade comments on social web sites 🙂 But Yay! for keeping the spark there. I think it’s little lings like that that keep a relationship going.

  2. In 1968 I stuck a little “love
    note” into a sandwich which I
    packed for my Jet Jockey Fighter
    Pilot husband to eat on his way
    to Viet Nam (for a year). He opened
    his lunch somewhere over the blue Pacfic.
    “I still think you’re a dumb sh–.”
    The other pilots of the 120th
    Squadron-Colorado Air Nat’l Guard
    found out, and thought it appropos.

    Love is a many spledored thing.

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