Mr. Vincent’s journal

In Shades of Milk and Honey, Vincent gives Jane his journal, which contains his thoughts about art, glamour, and her.

Within the bureau, Jane found the notebook in which she had seen Mr. Vincent sketch. At this close range, she could make out the remnants of the initials V. H. embossed upon the worn leather cover.

I’ve been looking for one like the one in my head for awhile, which was surprisingly difficult. It needed to be unlined, fairly plain, and softback so he could bend the pages back while drawing. I didn’t want the leather strings and flaps and other do-dahs that people seem compelled to decorate with.

I recently found it. When I was visiting my cousin in Sausalito, I went to her story EyeItalia. (For those of you who write letters to me, I’m often using stationary from her shop to write back.) While browsing, I found what passes quite nicely for Mr. Vincent’s journal.

It’s a hand-bound journal leather journal with marbled edges. The pages are gorgeous, creamy, and take ink beautifully. Currently, I’m occasionally amuse myself by putting Vincent’s notes into it when I’m trying to work out a bit of glamour for him to use in the books. This might be text-based cosplay…

In any event, you could have your own Classic Italian Leather Journal from EyeItalia if you were so inclined.

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