Making teeth for Papa Fuzzy.

A closeup of Papa Fuzzy's teeth. This is what I made today.


They are made of medical grade thermal plastic and individually placed in Papa Fuzzy’s mouth.

Basically, I cut a tiny piece of thermal plastic and lower it into boiling water with a slotted spoon. I pull it out to shape it using a flat surface and a scoring tool (my fingernail).

For the molars, I shaped two pieces of the plastic and stacked them to get the width I wanted.

You can juuuuust barely see his tongue in this shot.

I’m particularly happy with the molar, but I may wind up not making any more than that.  I just want the hint of white when he opens his mouth and having a full set of teeth might break the “cute” aspect of him. Although I’m using ecru thermal plastic, it’s still a little stark for his mouth.

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3 thoughts on “Making teeth for Papa Fuzzy.”

  1. I’m guessing that tea staining the plastic won’t work, as it probably isn’t porous enough to dim down the starkness. Would it produce the right effect to shadow them slightly with a plastic-biting paint?

    Love the puppets.

    1. Weirdly, the thing I’ve found that works best with this is to get a sharpie that’s a shade darker than you want. You draw on it, then wipe it off. The residual stain is usually good, and you can build up layers if you need to.

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