Loooooooong day

We got everything loaded in to the apartment. There were a number of surprises waiting for us once we got in, but we managed to work around them.

After we got the truck unloaded, we had celebratory gin and tonics–yes, we travelled with all the acoutrements necessary. We have a lot of unpacking to do, in addition to cleaning and purchasing lighting fixtures.

At the moment, we are in Katonah for Peter’s 40th birthday. This was one of the reasons we swapped the plans around. It’s turning out to be a really great thing because not only did we get to come to his party, but we also have a clean, cool and quiet place to sleep tonight.

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5 thoughts on “Loooooooong day”

  1. We just returned from the coast and I checked this blog FIRST THING, (well, after petting the cat). So glad the long journey is over and that you have safely arrived, AND managed to fit everything into the apartment. I look forward to hearing about some of the “surprises” that were waiting for you… I suspect we’re not talking about a basket of scented soaps…

  2. -e- It’s so fun to read your classic understatements. Hooray for sardonic humor…scented soaps.

  3. Well, I don’t know if everything fits yet. I mean, the boxes do, but it’s what happens when things come out of the boxes that’s the real question.

    And yes, the surprises were not so nice as a basket of scented soaps. Mr. B– had told us that he was planning on taking the living room and dining room fixtures to Portland with him. But apparently he meant all of the lighting fixtures. In all of the rooms.

  4. I’m worried about what he will do with your lighting fixtures when he installs the ones he took from NYC.

  5. We packed the dining room light before we left–it’s an original fixture to the house and I wanted to make sure it was packed right. As long as he doesn’t throw the others away…

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