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John got up to see us off this morning at the ungodly hour of 5:30. He sent us with some of the corn from last night–I’d realized at dinner last night that it might well be two years since I had fresh corn on the cob. The stuff in Iceland, in addition to being shipped in from Lord knows where, was not a familiar food for the Icelandic cooks and turned up in strange places. Gummi Chef tended to make this casserole which had wedges of corn on the cob in it. It was very strange.

Speaking of strange and corncobs, we discovered today that Marlowe likes corncobs–not corn, mind you, but corncobs. When I’d finished my lunch, I held the corncob out to Marlowe. He’s often strange and has a tendency to like vegetables. He spent the next, oh, fifteen minutes licking the corncob. It was cute and a little disturbing.

Anyway, we were on the road by six o’clock and made reasonably good time. I must say, West Virginia’s interstate was the smoothest we’ve been on; it’s too bad that we were only in the state for twenty-five miles. When we hit Pennsylvania, traffic stopped. We’re on the turnpike now, but I’m unclear on what the toll fees are being spent on.

We passed a number of towns or landmarks with names that just wouldn’t fly in a book. Paxtonia? Linglestown? Mad River? Triadelphia? Boro of Alpha? Please… Oh, and two Bethlehems. What’s up with that?

I spent quite a while on the phone today, changing our arrival plans around. Instead of going into Katonah tonight, we went to Brooklyn to drop Jodi’s stuff off. We arrived around 8:30. My brother, Steve, just arrived after the ball game he attended. Indian food is on the way. Whew.

Tomorrow is load-in day. Wish us luck.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to NYC”

  1. Awwww, my old shepherd/husky mix Miko used to LOVE corncobs. He’d take them out into the yard and lay in the grass chewing on them for hours.

  2. Steve called at 1:40 and said that the truck is about half empty but the back half was mostly furniture and the rest looks like mostly boxes so he doesn’t know if they are half through or not.
    When you are unloading a truck, half empty is the optimist’s view. Half full would be the pessimist’s view.

  3. Are Mary and Rob planning to stay in the apartment this night? I wonder how hot it’s up there on the fifth floor today.

  4. 10:45 edt: Mary called and they are at Peter Linz’s in Katonah and will spend the night there. She said it would be midnight or so before she could update this blog.

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