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On Monday we headed down to Canal Street to look for lighting fixtures. This incorporated my first subway ride as a resident, which feels like it ought to be momentous but really wasn’t. What was interesting was learning the dynamic of traveling by subway with Rob. When he was here twenty years ago, he said that one didn’t speak on the subway or do anything that would call attention to oneself because it was dangerous. I haven’t had that experience. Plus, when I travel by myself on the trains, I usually write on my Palm Pilot. So it was this weird thing of not wanting to write, because that felt rude, but also not having a conversational partner. Much later in the day we discussed it and figured out what was happening. In the future, I will feel free to write if he’s not in a chatty mood.

The 1 goes straight from our place to Canal. After wandering around for a bit and being annoyed by all the cheap handbag and jewelry shops, we turned onto Bowery which has block after block of lighting shops. Several were filled with nothing except crystal chandeliers. I wish I’d had my camera with me. Alas.

We needed to come up with six lights. It took a while, but we finally found four that we liked in a place that had a 70% off sale. The other two are cheap Chinese imports. The all fit into the category of “we don’t hate it” and beat the bare bulbs that are hanging out of the ceiling.

The drop on three of the lights is too long by about eight inches, but not so low that one is in danger of hitting one’s head. At the moment we are content to live with them at this length until I can get a thread cutter and trim them down.

After shopping we met Fabulous Girl, Jodi and Sam for drinks at Flute and then headed to Thalia for dinner.

Yesterday, was all about trying to install the lights. Suffice to say that nothing in the building is built with any degree of consistency and that it took much, much longer than it should have. However, we now have fixtures in the hall, bedroom, bath and office. The kitchen will be a challenge and the dining room/living room lights are coming from Rejuvenation in Portland.

And now, here are your pictures from yesterday.

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  1. Snazzy Fixtures! The interior of your apartment reminds me so much of where I lived as a kid…with the high ceilings, picture rails, and transoms. Cool!

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