The continuing story of moving

I cooked dinner last night. It was a very simple meal, rice with broccoli rabe, tofu and carmelized onions but it was oh-so-satisfying. I think the kitchen, aside from pot rack and, oh, the oven, is pretty much set up. It’ll get some shuffling around as I figure out where I want things to make cooking easier, but meanwhile, it is nice to have one functional room.

We’re going shopping today so Rob can pick up the things he needs to finish the oven–which has a broken door–and so we can get some other household things. My project is to give all the doors functioning doorknobs and latches. At the moment, we have to put a chair against the bedroom door to keep the cats out at night. I’ve also got some shelving to build.

Here’s today’s batch of photos. Some of them are blurry because in order to get the camera far enough away I frequently have to hold it against the wall and can’t see what I’m shooting.

Slightly more unpacked
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7 thoughts on “The continuing story of moving”

  1. Looking good! Are you planning to remove the wallpaper in the office? That could be daunting. Paper can be painted over,only the seams will show. Your apartment will be so very attractive when you finish unpacking,cleaning and decorating.

  2. Is the landlord required to paint every two years? That is what Peggy told me, and I thought that was a city ordinance, but it may have just been in her rental agreement.

  3. Um, sorry to be such a negative New Yorker, but landlords are known for slapdash, all white paintjobs, so be careful what you wish for. Also, chances are good that the landlord will be pissed off about the wallpaper Mr. B applied, and might want you to take it all down. You may want to talk to a few neighbors before letting in the landlord’s crew…

  4. Perhaps a grateful landlord would at least pay for the paint (you select) if you do the painting job yourself?

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