Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

If you wonder what a good marriage looks like, allow me to introduce you to my parents.

Mom and Dad met in ballroom dance class. I asked Mom once, what first caught her attention about Dad, and she said, “He was the best dancer.”  It’s something that they’ve continued doing, but if you spend any time with my folks, it’s very clear that this is not the only thing they have in common. I’ve heard both of them describe the other as “my best friend.”

Legend has it, that when Sadie Hawkins day rolled around, one of Mom’s co-workers said, “You better ask him to marry you, or he’ll get away.”

So she did.

Fifty years later, they’ve traveled through three continents, won rally races, raised two children and three grandchildren, hosted a long montage of parties, attended plays, concerts, gone to museums, celebrated the arts, gardened, restored antiques, and danced.

At my cousin’s wedding last month, I asked Dad if he and Mom were going to dance, and he said, “As long as we’re able.”

Here’s to many more years of dancing and laughter.

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4 thoughts on “Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!”

  1. An inspiration to us all.

    My dad was a terrible dancer, while mom was a pro. But they danced at their 50th, because dad was not an idiot.

  2. Chuck Shingeldecker

    Wow! Happy anniversary to them! I think awesome definitely is an appropriate term to use here. 🙂

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