After eating smoked salmon should one…

a) brush one’s teeth to remove the fishy flavour?

b) eat a Thin Mint?

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15 thoughts on “After eating smoked salmon should one…”

      1. That is a horrible, tragic happening, and one should immediately venture forth for more smoked salmon. Because it is so good.

  1. First A) then B) because no one needs to eat fishy thin mints.

    If you really love your teeth, technically A, B, A, but I’m not that hygenic.

  2. Eat sardines on the theory the two will result in an interference pattern, and cancel out.

    . . . could also chew on a coffee bean . . .

  3. Well seeing how salmon swim up stream to head back to where they started, to do there thing, maybe swimming backwards downstream will cause the salmon taste in your mouth to return to the place it was before you ate it. Yes I’m a genius.

  4. I’m going to say eat a Thin Mint. Especially since I can’t eat them anymore. I think someone should be eating them. But then, I don’t eat smoked salmon either, so there you go.

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