Des Peres, MO Day 3 of the move

We stopped today with the Valenti family who we know from our time in Iceland. The driving was good today, so we took time to have a picnic at one of the rest areas and still arrived by 3:30. It has been wonderful to have time to visit and catch up.

Edited to add:
Here’s what my twitter stream looked like for the day. It gives you a sense of the rhythm.

  • 07:54 We left @scalzi’s house at about 7:30 this morning. Had a lovely evening last night. #
  • 08:45 Welcome to Indiana. #
  • 10:23 Trading drivers, at the rest area outside Mooresville, IN. 1050 words plus a nap. #
  • 11:38 Welcome to illinois. #
  • 12:38 At a truck stop to refuel. The mullet is alive and well, lest you were concerned. #
  • Marlowe with the Basket of Invisibility 13:00 Our cat Marlowe, wearing his basket of invisibility. It’s how he copes with stress. #
  • 15:41 Welcome to Missouri. Woot. A four state day. #
  • 16:10 Have arrived at destination in Des Peres, MO. 2019 words today, plus picnic and nap. #
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3 thoughts on “Des Peres, MO Day 3 of the move”

  1. Your not far from Hermon and the Stone Hill Winery. My wife loves the port from them. If you’re staying on 70 through KC, I could giva ya a few ideas for the area. Of coarse you’re not touring, you’re moving across the country (I’ve done it enough times as a kid.)

  2. Oh, Marlowe, we love you and your basket of invisibility. Boy, I could sure use one of those. (Or, failing that, there should be a MRK story about him/it!)

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